My $3600 in Rakuten linkshare sales report

Linkshare has been paying out way better than Amazon. Let me tell you why.

Linkshare houses two of the best affiliate programs. #1 with Walmart and #2 Bestbuy. Walmart pays a flat 4% on all products. except smartphone contracts which pay $10 per signup. Bestbuy is low at 2.5% commissions but they pay $5 to $20 on Geeksquad services and cell phone contract sales. and they pay every 30 days via paypal. here I show $3600 in affiliate sales from Walmart and bestbuy sale is a 2 weeks of sales. Amazon skimms links and is so strict with the new policy of a 24 hour pay window it's not worth it. They also changed the relinking rules.

With Amazon you will not be paid for any redirect links or deep linking. Deeplinking is taking a link and pushing it as an ad from the host affiliate site VIA Amazon or other affiliate program links and posting as an ad on your site. Read More